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Sign Up with 3 Easy Steps

Temporary Notice: Due to a high volume of applications, Petra is currently not accepting online applications.  If you are interested in the opportunity, please reach out to our support team or by pressing the button below.

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Fill out our free, quick, and easy application.  A member of our team may ask for accounting information to set method of payment.

Petra Inc. employs the following methods of payout:

Paypal Money Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

Deposit Check



Inspire your audience with Petra's lineup.  Create content, promotions, newsletters to drive your audience to your recommendations.  

Our Affiliate Success Team is always here to help provide content and resources.  Create a greater impact by creating special deals with our team.



Starting at 10% commission structure for every purchase.  Earn on every qualifying purchase made through your links or through in-person referrals.

Monetize your traffic with our competitive compensation.  

  Be the Positive Change

  • What is the Petra Affiliate Partnership?
    The Affiliate Partnership Program is a service that allows content creators, bloggers, agents, and influencers to monetize their traffic. Sales made with the respective affiliate promo code or direct referral for in-person sales, qualify for credits. Sign up now by pressing the sign-up button above or by contacting our support team at
  • How do I become a Partner with Petra Inc.?
    Simply press the sign-up button above and fill out the application. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at
  • How much do it cost to become a Petra Partner?
    There are ZERO FEES or costs associated with becoming a Petra Partner. It is completely free to sign up and access content for your website or social presence.
  • What are the commission tiers?
    Petra's commission structure starts at 10% commission. We are open to working with Partners to offer higher rates based on their needs. This implies that if a Partner exhibits exceptional performance or needs additional assistance, we will provide the proper resources. The commission is calculated from the net price after any discounts and before shipping and/or sales taxes.
  • How and when are commissions credited?
    The commissions are automatically paid every last day of the month, however payables are flexible to partners' need. Petra employs the following payment methods: Paypal Money Transfer Bank Wire Transfer Direct or Deposit Check Payment may take up to 5 business days to wire depending on the financial institutions.
  • Is the Petra Partnership Program available internationally (outside of U.S)?
    Any content creators, bloggers, agents, or influencers around the world could join the Partnership program.
  • Who do I contact if I need support?
    Petra Inc. will assign a Partnership Success Team member to each associate. You could also reach out to for any questions.

Let's Work Together

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Press the Contact Us button below or E-mail our Support Team at

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